The missionaries to the Akha are of the worst sort. Mostly American, but not excluding Australian, German, Canadian, English, Swedish, Taiwanese and a few others. They believe in freedom of religion for themselves alone. OMF is the worst mission that we know of to date for propaganda and attempting to destroy the Akha. OMF is led by racists bigots like Jim Morris of Salem, Oregon. See our OMF listing under missions-fake orphanages. www.akha.org

Friday, December 09, 2005

Missionaries and the Akha

The missionaries to the Akha are predominantly American, in the black hole of information of the golden triangle where the most viscious policies of the United States Government are carried out and where few NGO's will speak out about the exploitation lest they get austracized.

The feed rubbish to the wester sponsors, take the children out of the Akha villages, claim they are orphans and collect vast sums of money for their colonization efforts.

The believe in freedom of religion for themselves only. They are fascist. They have no concept of modeling their religiuos beliefs as a manner to attract others in a positive way.

Village are overtaken and all dissent is crushed.

The missionaries are colonists in their worst form. They oppress the weak and voiceless. They side with the dictator and despot. The are silent about Akha Human Rights. They have no problem to destroy Akha culture, literature and language. To completely destroy Akha identity and make it over in their own image.

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Blogger emmy6 said...

i am a Christian and God wants us to go out and make dicsiples of all nations. This mean the Akha people too, they are important to God and we as God's children have an obligation to reach anyone who does not know Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour. He is our only way into heaven and to live life eternally with God and not eternally in hell. Which will happen to those who have heard of Christ and have done nothing about what they have heard. I attended a seminar this weekend on how many children in the world are living in very poor and terrible conditions. Like by the age of 13 the young girls of the Akha tribes are stollen just to be put into prostitution and then later return to their families 10-12 years later just to die of Aids/Hiv or live a life of hell and trauma from what they have been through. What these organisations such as children of the golden triangle is give these girls (who by the way do not have any legal rights in this country and even the local law enforcers can be bribed into turning a blind eye)a hope and a future in God. One woman who was born in an Akha village, helps an organisation such as this as she has seen first hand what happens as it happened to many of her friends who by the way have died of Aids/Hiv. so you would think if she is helping the Akha people she knows what she is doing and what they actualy needs being subject to the life first hand. People who are against Christians should not attack through these organisations, as a Christian we are subject to persecution just as Christ was and God gives us the strength to cope with such situations, but leave these poor innocent people out of it, attack us straight. Let God do His work through people who care about the plight of children and people who are in need.

10:01 PM  
Blogger Julie-Anne said...

I have just returned from visiting one one of these missionary 'centres' - and although, despite much reading I have found it hard to understand the situation fully, I was pretty horrified at what I saw. The children were filthy, neglected, unkept, and made to do all the work of caring for each other and younger children on their own. There weren't enough 'volunteers' to have even a hope of running the place in a way that was appropriate, effective, or ethical. Those children are generally NOT vulnerable to prostitution in their villages, and their parents are manipulated into giving them up to gain donations that are then spent on SUVs, very expensive computers, building and offices for the missionaries, while the children are left to fend for themselves in disgusting conditions. My experience there was overwhelmingly sad and disappointing. This is just crap about Christianity... Jesus would freak.

8:28 PM  
Blogger hornerfamily said...

Mathew have you ever visited Ajay's orphanage? I have and you are completely wrong. Ajay is nothing like you say he is and these children are desperate and grateful to hear about God. You have never seen children more honest in their worship. They have no hope and Jesus gives them this. They are children MOST of whose parents have died from AIDS or in the case of three kids whose mother had died and father was dying, the two year old spent most of his time on the roof and would not come down until his 5 year old brother came to retrieve him. Ajay's whole mission is to raise up Akha leaders that will turn the downward spiral of HIS tribe (He is Akha himself) back around. It is sad that you are so willing to bash an organization you know nothing about. Things are so bad their that the Queen Mother created a very amazing drug awareness facility before she died to inform the people in Thailand and outsiders of the a huge problem this is. Before you tell people not to help make sure you are bashing the right people. Ajay and Nancy are some of the most generous people I have EVER known and the kids are all more than happy to be there.

9:18 PM  

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