The missionaries to the Akha are of the worst sort. Mostly American, but not excluding Australian, German, Canadian, English, Swedish, Taiwanese and a few others. They believe in freedom of religion for themselves alone. OMF is the worst mission that we know of to date for propaganda and attempting to destroy the Akha. OMF is led by racists bigots like Jim Morris of Salem, Oregon. See our OMF listing under missions-fake orphanages. www.akha.org

Saturday, December 10, 2005

An Akha christmas?

This is pretty sad. First missionaries Paul and Lori Vernon go to an Akha village and destroy their culture, now they ramble on about what it is like to have christmas in their new colonized village.

Villagers who we interviewed said that they would be "hit" if they told how they were forced to change their religion by the likes of Paul and Lori Vernon along with Aje and Akha Outreach.

The village is located in Mae Salong District of Chiangrai Province Thailand.



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